with a GRITEC door

With a GRITEC door made of aluminium, you are opting for a secure solution that effectively protects your building against forced entry and reliably withstands greater compressive stresses, such as those that can occur in the event of technical incidents (e.g. arcing in the event of internal faults).
Our TAM aluminium door provides effective protection against external forces, unauthorised access, burglary and sabotage in resistance class RC2 or RC3 in accordance with DIN EN 1627-2011, while maintaining function and protection class IP 23 D (poke resistance, impact test in accordance with IEC 62262).


Perpetrator profile Occasional offender: Simple tool such as screwdriver, pliers, wedge Occasional or experienced perpetrator: The perpetrator uses additional leverage tools.
Duration of resistance 3 minutes 5 minutes

Product features single-leaf, double-walled optional ventilation above and/or below without ventilation

GRITEC mortise lock with emergency exit function Mechanical or electronic multi-point lock with emergency exit function

Maximum 1 profile cylinder with protective fitting Class ES1 according to DIN 18257:2003 Class ES2 according to DIN 18257:2003
Dimensions Width in the light: 1004 mm - 1363 mm 980 mm - 1355 mm

Height in clearance: 1916 mm - 2617 mm 1674 mm - 2313 mm

Fan height 170 mm - 770 mm -
Constructional requirements Wall thickness ≥ 10 cm reinforced concrete (C15/20) ≥ 11.5 cm masonry (compressive strength > 12, mortar group II)" ≥ 12 cm reinforced concrete (C15/20) ≥ 11.5 cm masonry (compressive strength > 12, mortar group II)"
Additive construction elements
Pressure dampers with function (opening or closing in case of overpressure) Sliding shutter for ventilation dosing dust filter/dust filter exchange frame Ventilation louvres integrated in door leaf not possible in design; Required ventilation openings must be shown separately as ventilation element LL RC3 (wall installation)

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