Dispatch & Logistic

Technical services

So that everything goes according to plan

Of crucial importance is the coordination and integration of the delivery into your project plan. Here, we ensure precise and safe handling from the factory to the installation of your building. Our scope of services ranges from the dispatching of the required truck-mounted crane to the relocation of the station.

Of course we advise you as early as in the planning phase of your project. Upon request, we will be happy to take over the administrative engineering for you if traffic control measures should become necessary at the installation site or, for example, on the last few meters.

Every year, thousands of stations and room cells leave our plants and arrive safely at their destination. After all, the transport of room cells with dimensions up to more than 4.20 m wide or up to 12 m long and more than 3.60 m high is part of our daily business.

Thanks to short transport routes from our five production sites positioned throughout the country, we also protect the environment and avoid unnecessarily long journeys.

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