IT and Telecommunications


If the hub of your interests for instance is broadband expansion, then welcome to the new home for your technology! Your home advantage: On request, we can supply you with a fully equipped and ready-to-connect technical building. Made to measure and yet in the shortest possible time.

From excavating the earth for the foundation to assembling the ready-to-connect building, we do everything to bring your hub online. Or do you need very specific equipment? No matter what it is: that's exactly what we will provide. Because you can choose exactly and in detail which items from the range of our services you need.

  • Everything from a single source: planning, construction, technology
  • Highly individual - and suitable for your budget
  • Efficiency and economy as standard
  • Standard-compliant construction methods and equipment


  • No foundation is required if the building ground is load-bearing
  • Flexible arrangement of doors, ventilation elements, interior walls and cable entries
  • Optimal integration for locations with minimal "traffic areas"
  • Integrated false floor reduces the installation area

  • Fire protection concepts can be realised due to the non-combustible building material reinforced concrete
  • Burglary protection for the whole "system"
  • Sound insulation due to solid construction
  • Stability also guaranteed with regard to earthquake zones and wind or snow loads


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We will find the optimal solution for your project. Ask our sales and technical representatives for advice or a no-obligation price offer.

Co nás pohání
Co nás pohání

Zásady ochrany osobních údajů

Naše webové stránky používají externí komponenty, jako je Google Analytics a Google Fonts, které mohou shromažďovat údaje o tom, jak tyto webové stránky používáte. Zásady ochrany osobních údajů. Informace o ochraně údajů